10.26.2013 - Zombie Fest 2013
It's that time of year again! The War College’s 5th-annual Zombiefest event is coming up on Saturday, October 26th!

Bring zombie-related boardgames, miniatures (40k, Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, etc), etc and enjoy a night full of zombie-themed gaming, including our special Zombie Survival Scenario for Warhammer 40k (six players max per instance of the scenario)! We’ll also have zombie-themed videogames and zombie-themed movies playing on a 52” TV! We’ll kick things off at 5pm with open gaming and round 1 of our Zombie Survival Scenario, then we’ll order some pizza and start up another Zombie Survival game at 6:30! Also, the generous owners of ShieldBreakers will keep the store open late for us so we can stumble out of the store in the wee hours of the morning looking like zombies ourselves! Speaking of which, you are more than welcome to come in zombie attire!

Remember, the fun starts on October 26th at 5pm at ShieldBreakers! Brain, I mean...Break the competition!
Thank you,
Shieldbreakers Staff
-Break the Competition-